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Oxford Green Belt Our Mission is to Preserve and Protect the whole of the Oxford Green Belt Green Belt Network
- for the benefit of all who treasure our beautiful City and for all who live
in the Green Belt and beyond.

News Update December 2017

For Oxford Green Belt Network's responses to consultations on the Local Plans of Cherwell, Vale of White Horse and South Oxfordshire District Councils, see the menu opposite under Planning Consultations.

For Oxford Green Belt Network's response to Cherwell District Council's consultation on their Local Plan Partial Review see the menu opposite under Planning Consultations

September 2017 - Oxford City Local Plan 2036

The Oxford Green Belt Network has recently responded to Oxford City Council's consultation on the preferred options for the City's new Local Plan. Amongst other things we are strongly opposed to the option that suggests removing eight areas of land from the Green Belt, seeing no necessity for this. For our full response see the menu item opposite under Planning Consultations.

June 2017 - The Green Belt and Oxford's "unmet housing need"

The District Councils around Oxford are at different stages in the production of new Local Plans. As part of this exercise they have been asked to build some 15,000 houses for Oxford City to address Oxford's claimed "unmet housing need". Many of these are likely to be in the Green Belt. Cherwell DC suggests building nearly 4,000 houses in its sector of the Green Belt, mainly to the north of the City and around Kidlington, Yarnton and Begbroke. Vale of White Horse DC also proposes building in the Green Belt at Dalton Barracks, whilst South Oxfordshire DC suggests building in the Green Belt at Culham and Berinsfield.

Together, these plans represent an unprecedented amount of proposed development in the Green Belt, development that will have a huge impact on the life of local communities in the years to come as well as a massive and permanent loss of valued open space. The Oxford Green Belt Network believes that this scale of development in the Green Belt is quite unjustified and is the result of Oxford City Council using its own land for more profitable business uses and creating more jobs in the City rather than using this land for housing its own population. Oxford Green Belt Network will therefore take an active part in all the inquiries that look into the new Local Plans and their proposals for the Green Belt.

April 2017 - The Oxford Green Belt Network has responded to the consultation on the Government's White Paper, "Fixing a broken housing market". To read our response please see this link. We welcome the Government's statement in the White Paper that it intends to protect the Green Belt but any such commitment needs to be followed up with policies to ensure that firm and positive means of protecting the Green Belt are actually in place. Our response draws attention to what we see as weaknesses in what is being proposed.

November 2016 - Please help protect all of Englandís 14 Green Belts

July 2016 - CPRE Oxfordshire has launched a new campaign to Save the Oxford Green Belt and Protect Historic Oxford.
See the Campaign webpage. See also the Campaign CPRE Oxon Press Release, CPRE Green Belt Campaign Flyer, Green Belt Campaign Poster, and Map of Threats to Green Belt, all in PDF format.

The Oxford Green Belt Network continues to fight any suggestion that Green Belt policy be weakened in an attempt to stimulate the national economy. A city's Green Belt setting, like that of Oxford, encourages economic growth rather than preventing it.

The Oxford Green Belt Network was established in 1997 to:
          • Protect the setting of the Historic City of Oxford from the urban sprawl which had damaged so many other cities (though none as beautiful as ours).
          • Protect the individual towns and villages around Oxford from being swallowed up into an expanding City and allowing them to retain their cherished separate identities.
          • Preserve open countryside close at hand as a green lung for the health and enjoyment of City dwellers.
The clamour of developers against the Green Belt is stronger now than it has ever been.

The creators of the Green Belt foresaw this and said that the essence of the Green Belt is its permanence
- that is what we fight to ensure.

If you need help with a threat to the Green Belt where you live; or would like more information about what we do;
or would like to help us in our work - contact us by e-mail at webmaster@oxfordgreenbelt.net

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